Vinyl Laminate (2)

10oz & 14oz Vinyl Laminated

Popular Uses
This tarp is flame resistant treated. It is excellent for industrial plant coverings, partitions, athletic field and gym covers. Also ideal for outdoor winter storage. Not recommended for road hauling.

This tarp offers 2-5 times the tear resistance of canvas. It is light in weight and completely waterproof. This super strong tarp stays flexible even in cold temperatures, shapes easily, and takes more abrasion and strain. Seams are heat sealed for complete weather protection. Brass rustproof grommets are spaced every 3 feet. The 1 12" hem is stitched with heavy duty, rot resistant thread. The tarp will not shrink, but may stretch under tension.

10 oz. Vinyl Laminate    Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White.
14 oz.  Vinyl Laminate   Colors Available: Blue, Gray, Green, Yellow, White.