Our Approach

Gosport Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been a pillar of the Gosport, IN community since 1944. Pride and activity within our community has always been a core belief of Gosport Manufacturing. Without our family, friends, and loyal customers we would not exist today. Since our humble beginning in the historic Opera House downtown, we have went on to become one of the largest and longest operating manufacturers of tarpaulins in the USA.

Mortimer King established the original company, Hoosier Tarpaulin, in Gosport in 1944 and managed it until 1957 when his son, and current owner, Joe King took over. Joe grew the company and expanded its product line tremendously. Joe eventually bought the company in 1981 and renamed it Gosport Manufacturing Company. Gosport Manufacturing built a brand new plant on the edge of town soon after Joe’s purchase of the company and the old Opera House was sold thereafter.

Gosport Manufacturing has continued to strive for excellence and distinction in every product we offer. The pride and determination of every tarp made in our factory is evident through the satisfaction of our loyal customers. From one coast to another, there isn’t an area or industry in America that we haven't served. A Gosport tarp has become synonymous with quality, integrity and satisfaction. We plan to keep it that way for generations to come.

Our Story

"This great country was built with the blood, sweat and tears of hard working Americans. Without our ingenuity and determination to make the best products money could buy, we wouldn't be where we are today. The fact is, American Made – Made America." - Joe King

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